Coondapur Education Society

Coondapur Education Society was formed in the year 1975 with a view to disseminate the precious knowledge through teaching in classrooms for knowledge seeking students. It began as a small institution serving a few students during the last 40 years which has today grown into an educational enterprise with various units scattered throughout Kundapura Municipal area, where more than 4000 student pursue their education in various discipline.

Institutions Run By Coondapur Education Society (R) Kundapura.
  • H.M.M English Medium Nursery and Primary School, Kundapura (Contact Number: 08254-231292)
  • V.K.R.Acharya Memorial English Medium High school, Kundapura (Contact Number: 08254-231406)
  • R.N.Shetty P.U.College, Kundapura (Contact Number: 08254-231501)
  • Dr. B.B.Hegde First Grade College, Kundapura (Contact Number: 08254-235588)

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